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Radiant Window Fashion specializes in custom drapery, top treatments, blinds, shades, and shutters for all of your window treatment needs.

Our experienced designers will help you create a space that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and unique to match your style.

Whether your taste is modern, traditional, or contemporary, we have a window treatment that will fit your style!

Let our design team turn your vision into a reality!


Our experienced designers will provide a free in-home consultation complete with samples for you to see and touch.  You will be able to imagine the beauty of your new window treatments.


Our expert design team will create your custom window treatments tailored to your style.  We work closely with each customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

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Our design team will help you select the best window treatments for your exact applications.  Our highly skilled technicians then return to professionally install them for you.  We take the worries away from you, and transform your space into something that you thought you could only imagine.


Ann Godfrey

With over a decade of residential design experience, Ann strives to create unique interiors that will create a positive impact on her clients’ lives. Ann loves to focus on each individual client’s needs, by looking at all aspects of your space! With an eye for quality, and a superior sense of style, Ann will make your dreams a reality. Along with Ann’s experience for design she also is WBE certified and carries her Residential Real Estate license. Whether it is designing your whole kitchen, picking paint colors for your walls, or selecting the perfect shade for your windows, Ann will make your house a Home! 

Maggie Slebrich

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Maggie has extensive experience in the window treatment business. One of her main focuses is to combine functionality with design. She wants to make your home look beautiful while also allowing it to work with the needs of you and your family. Maggie is a certified Norman dealer and has attended the IWCE and other trainings. She has a broad knowledge of various types of window coverings and designs to ensure she can bring many options and ideas when she meets with you. Whether your needs are draperies, top treatments, shades, blinds or shutters, Maggie knows how to take your space and transform it into the perfect place for you!

Melanie Leviski, ASID

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With over two decades of residential design experience, Melanie takes great pride in working closely with each client to create a space that shines. Melanie’s rich design experiences have made her an expert in the area of custom window treatments. After working with Melanie, there is no doubt that each client will be left with a new and Radiant space.


We offer free in-home or in-business consultations for your convenience. Our expert designers can help you achieve any look you desire. We provide samples for you to see in your home.  You will know exactly what to expect when your finished product arrives from Radiant Window Fashion.

Service Areas

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Design Your Home

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to start your home design. You can simply fill out your name, email and message us to get started right away.

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