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Cordless: New U.S. Regulations on Blinds

The window covering industry in the United States is undergoing significant changes due to new regulations aimed at enhancing safety, particularly for children and pets. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has implemented stringent guidelines requiring all blinds and shades sold in the country to be cordless or have inaccessible cords. This regulation is designed to reduce the risk of accidental strangulation, a concern that has driven the industry to innovate and adapt.

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Industry Leaders and Their Response

Prominent manufacturers such as Norman, Graber, Draper, and Hunter Douglas are at the forefront of this transformation, each adopting unique strategies to comply with the new regulations.

Norman Window Fashions

Norman has long been a leader in window treatments, known for their high-quality and innovative designs. In response to the new regulations, Norman has expanded their range of cordless and motorized options. Their "SmartPrivacy" technology, which allows for enhanced light control and privacy without the need for cords, has become a cornerstone of their compliance strategy. Additionally, Norman's motorized blinds, which can be controlled via remote or smartphone app, offer a seamless blend of convenience and safety.

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Draper Cordless Shade


Graber, another key player in the window covering market, has taken substantial steps to eliminate hazardous cords. Their cordless lift systems, which include the "Graber Simple Lift" and "Graber UltraLite," provide easy-to-use and safe alternatives for homeowners. Graber's motorized solutions, compatible with smart home systems, also cater to the increasing demand for home automation. By integrating with platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Graber ensures that their products not only meet safety standards but also align with modern lifestyle trends.


Draper has embraced the new regulations by focusing on innovation and quality. Known for their commercial and residential window solutions, Draper offers a variety of cordless and motorized products designed to comply with CPSC regulations. Their motorized blinds and shades are equipped with advanced control systems that can be programmed to operate on schedules or in response to environmental sensors. Draper's commitment to safety and technology ensures that their products are both compliant and cutting-edge.



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Radiant Window Fashion

Radiant Window Fashion

Amid these industry changes, Radiant Window Fashion stands out for its expertise and comprehensive approach to window covering solutions. With a deep understanding of the latest regulations and trends, Radiant Window Fashion offers products from most of the major manufacturers.

Radiant Window Fashions boasts extensive experience in the window covering industry, providing tailored solutions that meet both regulatory requirements and customer preferences. Their team of experts stays abreast of industry developments and leverages this knowledge to offer products that are safe, stylish, and functional.

By partnering with top manufacturers like Norman, Graber, and  Draper, Radiant Window Fashion ensures access to a diverse selection of cordless and motorized blinds and shades. This wide range allows customers to find the perfect window treatments that match their aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Radiant Window Fashions also prides itself on its customer-centric approach. They offer personalized consultations to help clients navigate the new regulations and choose the best solutions for their homes or businesses. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their detailed attention to installation and after-sales support.

Working with Radiant Window Fashions means prioritizing safety without compromising on convenience or style. Their product offerings include advanced motorized systems that integrate with smart home technology, providing users with enhanced control and peace of mind.


The new U.S. regulations regarding cordless blinds represent a significant shift in the window covering industry, driven by a commitment to safety. Leading manufacturers like Norman, Graber, Draper, and Hunter Douglas are adapting through innovative cordless and motorized solutions.


Radiant Window Fashion, with its expertise and customer-focused approach, is an invaluable partner in navigating these changes. By choosing Radiant Window Fashions, consumers can ensure they meet regulatory standards while enjoying the benefits of modern, safe, and stylish window treatments.


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